Swiss bliss – Doctor’s Review

It’s the food I remember from Ticino.

Doctor’s Review | Swiss bliss

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Spain’s Costa Brava – Toronto Star

I am having a food epiphany.

Travel Europe: Spain’s Costa Brava boasts history, food and killer scenery | Toronto Star

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Coasting in California – Doctor’s Review

There once was a young university student who thought a hastily planned bike tour along the coast of California would be just the ticket to ease the pain of a broken heart.

Doctor’s Review | Coasting in California

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B.C. Ranches – West of the City

One glorious summer week, I got in touch with my inner cowboy.

West of the City – GETAWAY: BC Ranches

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Into the Blue – Doctor’s Review

“It’s Sunday night in the nation’a capital!” whoops guitarist Mitch Rolling, as his rake ‘n’ scrape band kicks into high gear …

Doctor’s Review | Into the blue

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GoldenEye, Jamaica – West of the City

Three miles an hour. that’s the speed my inner tube is being pulled along by a lazy current …

West of the City – GETAWAY: Goldeneye, Jamaica

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Unspoiled Dominica is a promised land for hikers – Toronto Star

At the beginning of the trail I had my doubts.

Unspoiled Dominica is a promised land for hikers –

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On Voyageur – Zoomer

It’s just past nine, and we are running right on time, with inches to spare.

Kawartha Voyageur in Zoomer

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Nova Scotia’s colourful characters – Toronto Star

It’s easy to lose yourself on the roads less travelled of Nova Scotia. The East Coast province is renowned for a kind of laidback beauty tangled with a casual, friendly kind of welcome.

Nova Scotia Travel: Colourful characters make for memorable holidays | Toronto Star

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Titanic: Experience the Legend in Belfast and in Canada – AOL Travel

In Belfast, they like to point out: “She was alright when she left here.”

Titanic and Belfast – AOL Travel

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